Contemporary abstract painters - list 4

John Adam

Jon Adam is a contemporary abstract painter based in West Dorset, England. In the earlier part of his career he was successful as a figurative and portrait artist, working both in oils and graphite. Today, he chooses to work in abstract form.

Stewart Mechem

Contemporary abstract artist recently 'artist in residence' at 22 Portsea Place. Working on a new series of paintings inspired by the Kardo Sessoef collection of old masters.

Lloyd Blakley

Lloyd Blakley lives in Washington state on 7 acres of woods where he also has his studio. A life-long artist, his work has been exhibited for over 30 years. His recent works are abstractions that reflect philosophical and theoretical ideas about art.

Eva Ryn Johannissen

Contemporary art by Swedish painter based in Sweden and England. Most of my works are oil paintings, but for quick experimental work I also enjoy the free, floating, abstract qualities of thin washes of acrylics and watercolour.

Martin Bush

Abstract Painter Martin Bush Arrived: in Oxford UK in 1964 History 1983-86 Birmingham Polytechnic. Art and design BA (Hon's) degree. 1986-2000 Mural and commercial art for many large and independent...

Robert Szot

Robert Szot is an abstract artist living in and working in New York City. He paints mostly small canvas with oil painting.

Ian MacLeod

I am intrigued by patterns found in nature. To construct the essence of movement, I consciously choose to paint without recognizable subject matter in a loose and emotional style. Sweeping gestures of opaque and transparent layers.

Françoise Issaly

Contemporary abstract painter using acrylics and different mediums. Her works revolve around the fragment,the fractal, cultural identity and resiliency.

Ellen Soffer

Ellen Soffer is an abstract artist living and working in Shreveport, LA. Oil on canvas, acrylics, works on paper.

Gosia Kryk

Naïve oil paintings. Half abstract.

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