Contemporary abstract painters - list 3

Jo Brown

Jo Brown is a contemporary artist. She was born in Kent in the UK, and studied in Yorkshire. She's had numerus solo and group exhibitions in London, Halifax, York, and even in the USA or Iceland.

Ulysses Jackson

Ulysses Jackson is working in New Berlin, New York, US. Abstract paintings and drawings.

Robert Walker

An american abstract artist living in Burlingame, California. Works on paper, gouache and watercolor.

Hayden Darragh

Irish abstract artist born in Dublin, Ireland, 1970. She works mainly with acrylics.

Renée Amitai

Renée Amitai is a painter, printmaker and architect. She's working in Lake Balboa, California, US. Oil paintings, prints, sculptures.

Jazz Green

Abstract photographs, works on paper and paintings and collage. United Kingdom.

Gregg Rosen

Abstract and figurative paintings and drawings. Lives in New Jersey, US.

Nancy Lorenz

Nancy Lorenz lives and works in New York City. You can see her work in different galleries in NY, Portland, Paris and Brussels.

Ludmila Korol

Irish abstract and figurative artist born in Ukraine. Lives in Dublin.

Harry Gruenert

Harry Gruenert is born in Germany in 1955. He's an abstract artist and photographer living in California, US. Abstract paintings mostly with acrylic canvas or wood panel.

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