Contemporary abstract painters - list 2

Kenn Kotara

Kenn Kotara is a contemporary artist native of Louisiana. He presents on his website drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations.

Doreen McNeill

Doreen McNeill is a new zealand abstract artist. She had exhibitions in London, Bermuda, Bahamas, New Zealand, Hong-Kong or Taiwan.

Cheryl McClure

Cheryl McClure is an abstract artist. Works on paper, on canvas and panels. In a gallery in Amarillo, Texas, USA.

Marilyn Kirsch

Marilyn Kirsch is an abstract painter an photographer. Oil painting and works on paper. She is a professional artist based in New York City. BFA - Massachusetts College of Art (Boston, 1973). MFA - School of the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston, 1976).

Anne Stahl

Anne Stahl is an abstract landscape painter living and working both in California, USA, and Germany. Her work is inspired by the natural world.

Herb Jackson

Herb Jackson is a contemporary abstract artist born in North Carolina, USA. He's had lots of exhibitions in the US, England, Peru, Portugal or Canada.

Shawn McNulty

Shawn McNulty is born in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1975. Art works on canvas. Acrylics.

Claude Bellegarde

Claude Bellegarde is a French abstract artist (having start with figurative painting). He was born in Paris in 1927. He has been exhibeted in Centre Pompidou Metz in 2015-2016.

Mark Surridge

Mark Sunridge is a British abstract artist born in London in 1963. His artworks are in private collections in UK, Europe and the USA. You'll find on the website quite a lot of abstract paintings but also some installations and sculptures.

Helmut Barnett

Helmut Barnet was born in 1946 in Stuttgart, Germany. He's working in Austin, Texas. Paintings, drawings and sculptures.

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